What we provide About International Peace University
A Virtual Mode Education University
Self paced learning with no time limit
Interactivity in courses / contents / syllabus.
Anytime, anywhere, anything at learner’s choice and ease.
Access to global resources and experts.
Opportunities to develop technology competencies.
It is advantages for those who cannot pursue the regular course due to some compulsion...
Access to media-rich learning environment.
The Virtual process of universities has been offering so many advantages over the traditional health...
250 Award Winners
2000 Happy Students
100 Innovative Courses
100 Interactive sessions
  • Who are the Professors at IPU?

    The Virtual University utilizes the services of the very best professors that the country has to offer. They belong to the best universities and other institutions of the country and are acknowledged masters of their subjects. Most of the professors hold PhD degrees and even several vice-chancellors of major national universities have taught courses at the Virtual University.

  • Does the University have different standards for the various provinces?

    Absolutely not. The Virtual University provides an identical education to all its students regardless of their geographical location. All Virtual University students, regardless of whether they live in large cities or small towns or even remote areas are taught by the same professors, receive the same study materials. Even examinations are identical throughout the country.

  • Are the courses offered by IPU comparable to international standards?

    Yes. The course outlines used in our syllabus are based on international demands and standards.

  • Testimonial
    • “I was on active duty when I started my education, and due to my deployments schedule online was the only way I could get my degree. My degree helped me…
    • “The lectures and tutorials are interesting and academically stimulating, and applied to real-world case studies which is extremely useful.”
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