Our Mission

IPU’s goal is to provide an opportunity to deliver a Lifelong learning programmes of world-class . To provide an opportunity to deliver a lifelong learning, flexible learning process and achieve the life goals of the people irrespective of their age or qualification, who otherwise could not attend colleges or universities due to various compulsions, The INTERNATIONAL designed curriculum, supported by a world-based faculty, permits students to actively engage in an active educational dialogue. Further, this allows students to explore a selected grouping of studies that prepares them for a dynamic and changing environment. The International Peace University, Virtual Mode contributes to promote the equal opportunities internationally by providing high-quality of Lifelong education to all who wish to meet their ambitions and fulfil their potentials.

Our Vision

Education is available for anybody, anywhere, anytime, leading to well settled life and knowledge. Our Vision Is to be excellent, engaged and accessible we aim to be internationally recognized for our leadership in, empowering our student to grow their capabilities and transforms their lives.

Principles for Computer Use and Network Systems

The use of computers and network systems in no way exempts students from the normal requirements of ethical behavior in the International peace university. Use of a computer and network system that is shared by many users imposes certain additional obligations. In particular, data, software and computer capacity have value and must be treated accordingly. Although some rules are built into computer and network systems, such restrictions cannot limit completely what students can do. In any event students are responsible for their actions whether or not rules are built in, and whether or not they can circumvent them.

Ambitions of International Peace University

International Peace University is a remarkable university with Traditional roots, one which is involved with people and society. It is an open and internationally oriented academic community. It is a university that seeks renewal and which succeeds in making good use of the strength of the variety of academic disciplines, nationalities, ideologies and social convictions that exist in its environment.

Through its research, IPU seeks to make an important contribution to solving major social problems. Just as important is our task to train young people into critical academics who, motivated by their social involvement, will be able to occupy leading positions in the international and intercultural society of the future. This is why IPU places a strong emphasis on the academic formation of students, with a focus on the core values of IPU. Education and research are directly linked. IPU educates students in the research fields in which its strengths lie, and for which there is a significant demand for well educated professionals.