About IPU

International Peace University, is a traditional Health And higher education, registered by GLOBAL ACCREDITATION COUNCIL OF GERMANY.

International Peace University education offers “Online Education”, non-academic & non-UGC On counseling In Peace, Sports &Health Education, Critical Management and other “Tailor Model” Diploma, Graduation and PG Graduation courses, Honorary Doctorate & Social Award Winners. The certificate helps candidates seeking career advancement or higher pay in private sectors to settle in life well.

The certificates awarded by International Peace University are based on work and life experience certificates. The degrees awarded by International Peace University with International Standards with an intention to equip and empower people irrespective of age, cast, creed and religion.

Continuing Professional Development

Powerful source for career Enhancement

we provide flexible study options to continuing professional education. This is reflected in the diversity of our courses as well as our students who come from many different backgrounds. Our dedicated student support, effective teaching and learning techniques and practical links with employers internationally provide an opportunity to succeed both in our virtual campus and contact classes. The Certificate are strictly verified by the Academic board.

No upper age limits and previous qualifications required for your lifelong learning; in other words we work for knowledge-full new world for the sake of the whole humanity. We offer a variety of certificate courses across a wide range of disciplines. Our portfolios are consistently updated to provide the best skills training courses for professionals and academics all around the world.